Friday, May 16, 2008

Tipping into grace: How?

Yesterday I posed the question of what it takes to "tip" us into taking the steps that lead to kingdom of God living. In kingdom of God living we would follow where God led, trusting that, perhaps after a period of struggle, we would find joy, contentment community, meaningful work, etc. but not necessarily material wealth, fame, public esteem, ease, luxury etc.

Kingdom of God living will never happen perfectly, but how do we get started --or moved along -- on that path?

Some ideas:

1. Realizing there is another way to live and another community out there. Realizing that we have choices.
2. Prayer.
3. Conversation about this other life with like-minded people.
4. Questioning and examining the barrage of messages we get from the culture about what matters and how worth is measured.
5. Perceiving the abundance that is in the world.
6. Leaning into past times when we have made decisions, even tiny ones, that would seem crazy by the world's standards but which turned out to have been the right thing to do.
7. Reading about people who have lived alternative lives.

Other ideas?

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Bill Samuel said...

That's an excellent list, Diane. I especially appreciate #5, because I think a lot of people wouldn't think to put that in such a list, but I believe it is very important.