Monday, February 9, 2009

(Re) Emerging me

Has it really been a month?

I'm emerging from hiding--actually, I haven't been hiding as much as unable to get to my blog because of computer troubles! Safari won't work for me, and Firefox crashes every time I try to load EmergingQuaker. Plus, I've been busy and made a deal with myself that I would do a few bureaucratic things it would be really easy to put off before I started blogging again.

Yesterday, I broke through to the site itself--actually, Roger broke through-- by using his machine to post a photo of Will, Nick and me. I had been wanting to do that! I don't know that we chose the world's best example of photography, but it's up, it's up!

Several surprising things: I am enjoying teaching English 151: Introduction to Writing and Rhetoric, at Ohio University! I was expecting to "get through it," not like it, so this has been wonderful. I have a great class. I'm also enjoying the transcribing I'm doing for a Lilly project on religion-- another job I held my breath and took because of worries about the, what else?, economy--didn't expect to like and now am finding fascinating.

My review of Kay Chornook's book Walking with Wolf appeared in the February Friends Journal and ma review of a reissued George Fox biography will appear ... I don't know when ... but I will let you know.

Roger and I went to Pittsburgh yesterday for the first time since we arrived here, so that was fun. We toured the Frick, which includes a car and buggy museum.

Anyway, I hope to be back on more consistent basis. How is everybody?


AbiSomeone said...

I think it is very funny that the day I should comment on your last post, wondering how you are, you should put up a new post! LOL!

So glad to hear you are enjoying your endeavors at college and the transcribing.

I had a great time at George Fox U in Portland, OR last week. Make me think of you, friend!

So many things running around in my head ... so little time to process them!

Have you read MaryKate Morse's book on leadership? I'm looking forward to free time (and free brain cells) to read it, because her talk at the seminar was excellent.

Take care...

Bill Samuel said...

Great to see the good reports on the work you're doing.

I missed the last Bible study at Jean's Sunday evening (the first in 2009) with a cold. But at least I seem to have knocked out the cold in one day with elderberry syrup, astragalus, and ginger tea.

Cedar Ridge is doing very well. Seem to be over the transition, with numbers and contributions picking up. We're in a Discipleship Series on simplicity. Lots planned for Lent this year, including an online devotional. Planning is going on for our farming project, and the Barn is being fixed.

My Sunday morning group is going great. We had a special gathering last month on Pacifism and Discipleship.

Diane said...

Hi Peggy,

What were you doing at George Fox U? I haven't read the leadership book, but may try it.


Glad things are going well at CR!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Good to see you've come out again. Thought we had lost you. But I see you over on Jesus Creed.

Firefox crashed on our computer, plus we had lost our rich text on gmail with it. Just switched to Google Chrome and so far so good. Easy to download, a little tricky to get hold of, but similar in many ways to Firefox. I think Deb and I might like it better. Time will tell. But for some reason Firefox after a time had its problems on our computer.

Good to hear of your work and writing and good time with your husband in Pittsburgh.

I get to review F. LeRon Shults and Andrea Hollingsworth's book, "The Holy Spirit," for "the Pneuma Review" or whatever that journal is called. That journal is to get theological work into the understanding of Pentecostal and charismatic pastors. So I have my work cut out for me all the way around. So I guess that might keep me out of trouble for awhile.