Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still a Jesus Creeder

I am happy to be staying with Jesus Creed, a wonderful site. Beliefnet has resolved some of the technical issues that made life at that “café” challenging early on. Jesus Creed continues to be a great blog for keeping up with current thinking and scholarship in the Christian world. I’m writing this entry because I happened to google "Jesus Creed" yesterday morning, and to my amazement, fifth on the list was my blog, declaring that I was leaving Jesus Creed.

The lesson is that blogs are forever.( And that people read them.) The current fact, however, is that I am still a loyal Jesus Creeder. Please suggest to your friends to click on this blog entry so that this pronouncement can displace the earlier blog thread. (Disclaimer: I get nothing material from this whatsoever, so click away freely.)


Martin Kelley said...

Will blogger let you edit the original post? I wouldn't delete it, as it shows an honest frustration but you could put a disclaimer in bold up top with a link to this new piece to let people know it's doesn't reflect your current thinking.

Once Google's magical algorithm has privileged a particular post it's pretty set. Retraction posts rarely get the algorithm love.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Me too, Diane. Me too.