Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Days II

I took a batch of chocolate chip cookies my friend Jane baked for Sophie up to her yesterday at Muskingum. I needed to take Sophie to the orthodontist and return her learner's permit to her. (We're hoping Sophie will get her driver's license soon!) Sophie was upstairs chatting with her housemates and quickly brought the plate of cookies up to share. So Sophie is doing fine. Her year boarding at Olney has left her adept at dorm life. She also has a network of friends outside of the school to lean into. Plus, she is a savvy and resourceful person.

I appreciate Jane's friendship and her gesture in baking the cookies and sending up a pretty card and a small soapstone carving from Kenya. Sophie was delighted. Jane has also baked a peach pie for us, which we found in the frig after returning from a trip and turkey cacciatore which was awaiting us when he came back from the beach. All were wonderful and most welcome. It is the little things in life ...

As for the continuing saga of school days, I too have my own story, which is a faculty meeting this evening at Ohio University Eastern. We we all be back to school soon! Is anyone else gearing up for fall?

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