Sunday, August 23, 2009

School Days

Sorry for not blogging for so long and for being slow to respond to people who responded to the last blog.

I have times when I just can't bring myself to write anything. I think this is Quaker silence. Of course, I did work for a daily paper, so I am capable of churning out a lot of copy ... but it's nice to have a choice.

Recently much has been happening on the "back to school" front. First, the boys are getting ready to be sophomores at Olney and had the unexpected and welcome surprise of their good friend from home, Elvin Danos, joining them at the school. Way opened at the last minute and money flowed through that enabled Elvin's parents --our friends Johanna and Bill--to send Elvin to Olney. Our Quaker meeting back home was remarkably generous. For a long time, I had prayed that Elvin could come to the school, but also knew I had to let it go, which I did. And it happened. We know it's not through our power.

Second, Sophie went off to Muskingum University on Friday, so she is now officially a Muskie. Problem is, she's completely isolated. Her roommate, who seems nice enough, has friends at the college from high school, so she is gone most of the time. While there has been an ice breaker at a nearby dorm --Sophie is in a small, charming house with seven other girls and has lovely room with a French door -- and several large social events, such as a pool party, a carnival, and a movie, Sophie has not yet hooked up with anyone to pal around with. She is all by herself amongst 1,599 other students. This is not good. Sophie is a remarkable person , a trooper, social, friendly and kind , so we are trusting this unsettling situation will pass. I will be calling the school tomorrow to see what can be done. In the meantime, we are trusting that there is an ocean of light over the ocean of darkness in the world, and that as the story of Elvin attests, a way that God works things. I'm just hoping that if Sophie is in the wrong place and this is God's way of nudging her into the right place, it is not too painful a process. I am also praying that this if this is the right place, she will quickly find her way. In any case, prayers or holding her in the light would be helpful. Nobody wants to be all alone. Especially in a strange place.


Bill Samuel said...

Great news about Elvin!

Sophie really shouldn't expect to connect with folks instantly. College is not a little intimate environment like Olney. Of course it's hard, but it's normal to take time to start really connecting when you don't already know people. I don't think there's a lot the Administration can do other than the opportunities they have provided for everyone. Sounds to me like you may be panicking unreasonably.

I can't really say that from my own experience, as I did connect with my roommate when I first went to college, but lots of students don't. I think Sophie will be fine, and wonder if this should be viewed as a time for Mommy to fix things. College is partly about less reliance on parents and learning to face these things better oneself - talking with parents but not having them rush in and try to fix.

Diane said...

Hi Bill,
You're flaming me, but you are one of the few who can get away with it, dear friend. Actually, you're right and Roger says the same thing. But I still spin anxiety .. and always will, I suppose. It does worry a little that everyone I talked to talks about connecting with their roommate ... but Sophie will be fine.