Friday, January 9, 2009

On leaving and returning to Jesus Creed

Since writing this blog, Beliefnet has cleared up some of the issues with Jesus Creed, so I'm back ... andstill think it's a great blog.

I've come to the reluctant conclusion that I have to leave the Jesus Creed blog. I don't want to. But the difficulties of trying to navigate Beliefnet, Jesus Creed's new home, have defeated me. I can't take the time to watch the swirling beach ball go round and round while I hope my comment may post. I can't wait for minutes on end while I try to scroll ... I won't go on with the tiresome list of problems.

I feel sad about this because Jesus Creed was the blog that got me started, and I still find it a wonderful forum for intelligent discussion about the Bible and contemporary religious thought. I think it is the best blog on the Internet. Scot, to whom I've complained, has sent my complaints on to Beliefnet. I will check in from time to time to see if the site has improved but I am not expecting to be able to post there again. I will post summaries of Scot's blogs that I find particularly interesting and my responses here.

A wonderful outcome of Scot's JC blog is the cyberfriends I've made on that site, including Ted and Peggy (the Abbess) who have been doing some interesting blogs lately that I encourage everyone to take a look at. I will be moving my energies to become (I hope) more active on their blogs and on this blog. The Empire may have killed Jesus Creed for me, but Scot's work lives through his disciples ...

Scot has been more than generous in conversation with me about problems with the Beliefnet site, and I hope they get resolved.I've suggested some alternatives to him, such as a subscription to his "old" blog, but at the moment he is committed to trying to make Beliefnet work. In the meantime, I'm interested in the response of other Jesus Creeders to the new Beliefnet site. Has it been difficult for you to navigate? Do you have any tips?


AbiSomeone said...

I know exactly how you feel, Diane! I rarely post at Jesus Creed any longer -- for the same reasons.

However, I am very excited about what is happening over at Missional Tribe and would love to have you join us there. We are still in beta testing with cutting edge software, so we have our share of glitches, but the possibilities are truly amazing.

Being involved in the founding of Missional Tribe would never have happened without Jesus Creed. I cut my teeth on blogging there and at The Forgotten Ways. I am rarely at either of those sites, although I do drop in from time to time. Sometimes we are reluctant to acknowledge things that are in our lives only for a season.

You, however, are my forever sister and friend!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Wow, all my links on your blog and on other blogs are embarrassing. Your blog deserves any and all links it gets, but the side feature which lists postings soon after they occur is the culprit here, I think.

I did let Scot know a few times. It is uncomfortable to leave comments there, and I think the volume has gone down there to some extent because of that. Jesus Creed has picked up a few new ones I think.

It has become better for me lately. I'm working on a better understanding of theistic evolution so I do keep a close eye on it for those and related posts. And you know the interesting posts that come up there. I don't have the education or knowledge of whatever it is to leave the best comments, and part of it is that I just don't care much about some of the controversy that goes on there, even though I see myself as essentially with Scot in my own thinking and theology.

But it has become easier over there. Lately I've been confident I won't lose what I've written if I push the refresh button when it tells me that to press for the letters has expired. But for a long comment (like this one), I'll copy so as to paste, but lately that hasn't been necessary.

Anyhow, sorry to read this. I've missed your comments over there. And thanks for your more than gracious comments.

AbiSomeone said...

Did I see you there today, sister? Posting on the "Women Denied" thread?

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods ... is your son's broken ankle better yet?

Blessings to you....