Monday, April 27, 2009

Poem by Keely

In continued celebration of National Poetry month, here is a poem by my friend Keely Lewis, a student at Olney. Keely has been published in TeenInk, The Mad Hatter, The Connector (which is a newspaper for her presbytery) and has won honorable mention in The Florida Review's "Young Voices Award".


He's read the pen marks on my palm
and glanced across my arms
looking for the brand
of a woman on trial.

I'm getting in touch with my feminine side,
adding a slash mark with an S in front
to the dominant pronoun of the world,
looking forward and backward
for who won the game of Life
and Health and Every Good.

Amen, he sighs, which is my prayer too.

He's all rolled up in such a mess
that even the magic word--love--can't separate
the strands of must from the fibers of can.

Keely Lewis

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