Friday, December 4, 2009

Sister From Another Planet

Often I feel like sister from another planet in that I seem to look at life through a different set of lenses. For example:

I actually liked the period during which we had one car. It slowed us down. It felt good. It felt right.

I wish all our towns were connected with trains and buses and even passenger boats drifting down waterways.

I don't think the government does everything wrong. I think they handle many programs well.

I don't agree with the sentiment: "If their own parents don't care about them, why should we?" when children are in trouble. On that note, I didn't like the parties in elementary school given for the children whose parents got the school forms back "on time." Should a child whose parents are so disorganized or have so many problems they can't get the school forms back be doubly punished? When I would say that, I would hear "If their own parents don't care about the, why should we?" Then I would feel angry. And then I would feel ... like sister from another planet.

Well, the list could go on. Almost daily. It can make one despairing, frustrated or misanthropic, but then it gets back to ... ...loving people anyway, looking at life through their lenses, not judging ... accepting that the world won't conform to my ideas and that's probably a good thing ... any other ideas?

Same anyone? Additions to the list? It could go on and on and on .... :)


AbiSomeone said...

...hehehe, welcome to the Purple Planet, sister! ;^)

Hystery said...

Diane. Yes. I've been there. My father used to say I had "an acute sense of injustice." School was awfully difficult. So much petty injustice. I'd see other kids humiliated, diminished and I'd come home and cry. Now I'm a grown-up and there are still petty injustices but also much worse.

Diane said...

Hi Peggy and Hystery,

Two of my favorite people--of course, we three would be on the same page--or from another planet. :) What I love about the internet is getting to "meet" people like you ... what fascinates too is that you're probably diametrically opposed politically and yet we're all here together, essentially with the same heart working for the same things.


I read through your blog one day and found it so wonderful (which in the eyes of the world means you're probably in trouble! :)) --especially your thoughts on teaching (as one adjunct to another)--that I'm still absorbing it. But this "silence" is not from ignoring, it's from absorbing.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Diane, Yes, I can concur. I often find myself a minority within a minority. One person, a writer where I work once told me that he thinks I'm (actually have been is more like it now, as most accept me just fine) persecuted (by other believers) because I think. I think I've learned the ropes better so as not to make a stir when one maybe isn't needed. And maybe I'm mellowing, or whatever. But I still find myself in that minority of minorities often where I live.

Interesting post, and thanks.

By the way, Blogger still hasn't returned my blog which their robot confiscated as having characteristics of a spam blog. So around 1440 posts and nearly 4 years of blogging gone! Some of the posts quite sentimental, and I want it back! But just a word of explanation as to why my blog URL is different, why I switched.

Diane said...

Hi Ted,

I hope you can recover your blog! I hear you on not wanting to lose certain posts, which become treasures. I still have located your new blog location.


You are the most level-headed and kindest person in the blog world. I certainly understand being brother from another planet--I think it will shock people sometimes when you/we think. Glad you-- and I !--are getting better at navigating this.