Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Days

Roger and I had a pleasant anniversary in Athen, Ohio, home of the University of Ohio, on Sunday. The town and the campus are very pretty--I hadn't realized the college dates back to 1804. More to the point, this Jane Austen fanatic had the chance to read Kathryn Sutherland's introduction to the Penguin edition of Mansfield Park while (or whilst) in Athens.

Sophie is back at Muskingum College. After some concern, as she started the semester last week short two classes and with no education classes, despite being an education major, I had lunch with her yesterday and found she had managed, by working with Joy in the registrar's office, to get into Education 112, which she needed, and into a history of film class to round out her schedule. (And I just managed to write one of the longest sentences ever!) I am happy with the outcome, and pleased that the school was able to work with her.

The boys had a "snow day" at Olney recently--the school never has an actual school-off snow day, as the students live on campus--but every so often the school declares an afternoon of sledding and snow activities. On the academic side, both Will and Nick are taking a class in Religion and Philosophy and working their way through some of the thought of figures such as Aristotle and Kant, not to mention the Utilitarians--a fairly heavy and welcome dose of thinking for tenth graders.

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