Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sexism: Alive and Thriving in 2011

I was going to excerpt the blog post below, but the whole is worth reading, especially as it speaks, in general, to empowerment versus resignation. I wonder if as Quakers, where, mercifully and grace-fully, in my experience, women are not subjected to routine sexism, we can coalesce around speaking truth to those who stereotype women as "whiners." This is not about politics, "rights," or controversial issues, but simply about speaking up and saying that women are fully human, fully adult, and, whatever your specific religious language, made in the same image of God as men. And maybe we can laugh along the way--even at ourselves, but not at the caricatures of us that others invent. :)


Hystery said...

In addition to the sexism I study as part of my job, I am daily aware of sexism in my community through my experiences in the classroom and through those of my family in their workplaces. Attitudes about women range from dismissive and condescending to physically violent and lethal. After I began teaching women's history classes, I became aware of just how much sexism women have internalized. I can't count how many times I've heard women justify the trivialization or even dehumanization of women and girls. They seem to have received the message loud and clear that it is ugly for women to "make a fuss" or "rock the boat" or "bitch and whine" about injustice.

Diane said...

Hi Hystery,

It's a sad state. My great bugaboo is "whining."