Thursday, May 8, 2008

On Barnesville, the pendulum swings

My list of the good things about moving to Barnesville (what I can think of today):

I won't have to cook. The joy of this is hard to overstate.
Roger can walk to work.
The kids will get more individualized attention in school.
We will be around Quakers.
We will be in a quieter place, with fresh air and fewer crowds.
We're not that far from the big city.
It will be a good experience for everyone to live in a new place.
We won't have to mow the grass.

Of course, these are surface issues and all about us. Self, self, self. The real question, I imagine, is can we better serve or become better servants in this new place? If we are really called there, the answer is yes. But how do we know?

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