Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Advice time: health

Last week it was a stomach virus; now it's a sore throat/cold. This can't go on ... actually, my fear, as I listen to the wind howl around the house, is that it could on. And on and on. So please, offer me your best advice for preventing and treating winter illnesses! Is it vitamin C tea, ecichinea (sp?), oil of organo ... all of the above, none of the above or let's try something completely different ? ... and in these hard times, are there economical preventatives (I suppose all preventatives are inherently economical, but you know what I mean ...)

Thanks from someone with a very sore throat!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you have been ill! I am holding all of you in the Light. To prevent illness, I think the ONLY thing that really works is very frequent hand washing and/or Purell use. Carry one of those little hand sanitizers around in your pocket and use it all day when you can't get to sink to wash. That has been the only thing to work for us.
I think getting the influenza vaccine is a very good idea. Thousands of healthy people die every year from influenza, and it is so preventable.
Good luck staying well!

Lisa S

Tom Smith said...

Honey tea has helped me soothe a sore throat. I find stress, tension (overwork?) contribute very significantly in preventing well being. I haven't solved that problem for myself yet, but I try and sometimes that re-recognition and some small effort do show results. It does work better as a preventative, if we can find the time <;-}

Tom Smith

Diane said...

Thanks for the good and simple (Quakerly) advice!

Bill Samuel said...

A couple of things that are life savers, and can cut any oncoming illness in the bud:

1. Elderbery syrup, most commony sold under the Sambucol brand name

2. Astragalus