Thursday, October 2, 2008

Words of George Fox, 2

For Oct.1:

"Keep out of the restless, discontented, disquieted spirit of the world about government: for you know it has always been our way to seek the good of all, and to live peaceably under the government, and to seek their eternal good, peace and happiness in the Lord Jesus Christ."

From "Mind the Heavenly Treasure," compiled by Gary Bowell

The Bible verse that accompanies this in the text: "As we have opportunity, let us do good unto all men." Galatians, 6:10.

I particularly like "it has always been our way to seek the good of all." I think this is at the heart of Quakerism, not to mention Christianity ("let us do good to all men."). But what of keeping out of the "disquieted spirit of the world about government?" Does that contradict the notion of trying to influence politics ? Or does it simply mean we should try to influence politics out of deeply-centered, quiet and loving spirit?

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