Monday, August 25, 2008

Back after Hiatus

I didn't think I'd be "dark" for two long weeks. I hope everyone hasn't entirely given up on the blog.

Just as a synopsis: the move went well. We had unseasonably cool weather, which was great for August. Now we're more or less settled into our new little cozy house. I like it here. I like the hardwood floors in the bedrooms. Our newly-remodelled kitchen is beautiful, with a new Pergo wood floor and granite-look counters and a soft beige tile backsplash. It might be my favorite room now especially as it is a big square space. I'll post before and after pix when I get a little more settled. Of course, it makes all the difference to have our familiar furniture in place.

It's very pretty here, with lots of rolling hills and apple and peach orchards. For those of you who followed the series here on Plain Secrets, the books about the Schwartzentruber Amish, you may be interested to know that the Amish around Barnesville are a group that broke away from the Schwartzentrubers and moved here because land prices are lower than in northern Ohio. I was excited to find this out. I heard they are more conservative than the Schwartzentrubers, which is hard to imagine. But we have seen no lights or reflective symbols on their buggies, so it appears to be true.

Anyway, there have been many faculty dinners and so a rash of socializing. My kids are adjusting, though it's hard to be virtually the only teens around. School starts Friday--at least new student orientation--so that should give them more to do.

I'm hampered in blogging right now by no Internet at my house but we hope to have that situation fixed soon. In some ways, while I miss all my cyber connections, it's been liberating not to have 24/7 access to the web.

I'd love to catch up with people, so please let me know what you are up to!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are safely settled in! It sounds beautiful there in Barnesville, and I am very happy to hear that your kitchen is 'fixed'!

Lisa S.

Regina said...

Oh, so glad everything went so well!
It sounds like you will have an interesting and fufilling time of it there!
I'll be stopping by!

Diane said...

Thanks everybody!!