Friday, August 8, 2008

Obama as Mr. Darcy?

OK, this happened days ago and the world has so moved on, to Paris Hilton for President and beyond. But I'm ... still that slow pace! ... and STILL thinking about Maureen Dowd's editorial in the NY Times comparing Obama to Mr. Darcy.

So wrong. Obama's a smooth speaking charismatic. Mr. Darcy was always stiff and reserved, shy and uncertain, hiding behind his wealth and status, not out of arrogance or hard-heartedness but because he felt a little awkward and fearful. Endearing that someone with all his wealth, privileges of being male, rank, etc. could still feel insecure. Endearing that he could need the intangible sparkle that Elizabeth Bennett brought to the relationship. Endearing that he was probably a more decent human being that others of his ilk.

However, I AM flattered that Dowd compared "we the American people" to Elizabeth Bennett. Who could be cooler than EB? She glides through all company with equal aplomb, never (or seldom) at a loss for words, never at a loss for wit, never without a sense of who she is. Who wouldn't want to be Elizabeth Bennett? She's the best.

But I show my prejudice. So let me pose the question: who's your favorite Austen character?


Regina said...

Hmmm... I do tend to love the men more for some reason. Mr. Darcy definitely and Mr. Knightley from Emma...
In no way could I compare Obama to Mr. Darcy just for the very same reasons you do. I always thought of Mr. Darcy as very shy and I don't think you can become a politician and raise to the ranks of (maybe) President if you are shy!
I do love Lizzie though- she is one of my heroes. I always wanted to be strong like her, in her own sense of self... must be wonderful.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Ah, Jane Austen. Great story writer.

I must confess I've read none of hers, or not much from any of the classics for that matter, unfortunately.

I did love the Hollywood version of "Sense and Sensibility" and thought all the actors did well (meaning both males and females).

I did the meme.

Anonymous said...

While I am waiting to hear how your journey went, I'll anwser the Austen question. Elinor Dashwood is my absolute favorite character, although _Persuasion_ is my favorite story. I love Emma too. In spite of how snobbish and irritating she can be, she is also very endearing. Elizabeth Bennett is totally perfect, but too perfect to be my favorite. I am such a nervous babbler, maybe I am too in awe of her ready wit.
I re-read _Pride and Predjudice_ again recently, and was struck for the first time with so much sympathy for silly Mrs Bennett. Imagine the terrible fear she must have lived with! How awful to know that her daughters' mere survival depends on being able to find a husband....and that if he husband dies, she herself will be homeless. All these years I have enjoyed laughing at her foolishness, but now I see her with different eyes.

Lisa S.