Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Piano

The house is starting to empty and when the piano man came to cart out our piano yesterday, I felt a rush of "this is real. We're really moving. They're taking the piano! Oh my goodness! We're leaving home!"

Don't get me wrong. I'm delighted that Becky from our meeting took the piano. We certainly couldn't bring it with us. Now, it's become the great meeting piano, going from the Roses to us to Becky and maybe afterwards to Jean. John in the meeting is a piano tuner, which makes it even more of a family affair.

But the big empty space in the family room where the piano used to be was like the proverbial hole in the heart! (Or is that in the head?) I felt sad.

This move seems so much more real than the baby hops we've taken from College Park to Laurel to east Columbia to west Columbia, all places more or less next-door to each other. Going to Ohio, although it's only six hours away, seems like getting on the spaceship and swooshing to another planet.

I hope we can adapt to planet Ohio.


Regina said...

Everywhere we have moved has been a major move, esp. coming to FL from PA. I was leaving my home and family and moving very far away indeed.
I think whenever our very large and overstuffed bookshelves are emptied out, that is when I really feel the reality of my shifting life...
It's too bad you couldn't bring your piano with you!

AbiSomeone said...

Planet Ohio! LOL! I bet you'll adapt just fine ... as long as you steer clear of those wild Buckeye football fans from Columbus ;^)

I have never had "movers" the experience is quite different. I'll have to send you a picture from our move from So. California to Washington. Shades of the Clampetts!