Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On Family photos

Someone recently asked me why I don't have a photo of Sophie on the blog. It has been on my mind since the photo of me with the boys went up that I need pix of Sophie and Roger, so that it doesn't look as if I'm effacing half the family. I just haven't done it yet. This is because Sophie lives on campus (a whole stone's throw away!) which means she's harder to get hold of than the boys, who live in the house with us. Sophie has a busy, structured life. Also getting to her means peeling her away from her boyfriend, no mean feat!

While it crossed my mind that the Sophie-less photo didn't "look" good, ironically, I think if I were worried about Sophie feeling left out, I would have been more scrupulous about appearances. In other words, being openly dysfunctional (I suppose if I were fully functional I would have gotten that pix up by now!) probably is more functional than trying to hide it. As it is, I find Sophie an amazing, beautiful and high-spirited 17 year old. She is a remarkable and well-loved (by me and others!) person.

I asked Sophie about posing in a photo with me. She is glad to be included on the blog but has been in no rush to be photographed. So we will get this moving along ... soon, I hope!

And as for Roger--love him too, good marriage, etc, even if he's not currently in a blog photo.

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Ted M. Gossard said...

That sounds like a good photo shoot is in the makings. Wonderful what we can do with our own cameras, nowadays!