Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lyme Disease

I visited the doctor about two weeks ago complaining of fatigue or what I called a "deep weariness". The doctor ordered many blood tests (three vials of blood came out of my arm by the time I was through). Yesterday, I went back for a follow-up and found I'd tested positive for Lyme disease. Now I am taking an antibiotic (dyoxycycline?) that should knock the disease out in 21 days. I hope this is the case.

I have been suffering from "deep weariness" for at least a few months (initially I thought I would 'shake it off') and possibly since last summer. I left my job in part because I felt "too tired" to go on, though I attributed most of that to burn-out. I possibly contracted this illness early last summer. I doubt I was coming into contact with tics this winter.

Anyway, it's all a bit mysterious. I haven't had joint pain, another common symptom of Lyme, but the combination of the fatigue and the blood test have led to the diagnosis.

Of course, now that I have the diagnosis, I feel that my joints are aching! Such is the power of suggestion!

I also have a low white cell count, possibly because of fighting this infection, though I thought fighting infections raised one's white cell count. Anyway, the doctor's office did another test for that. The doctor didn't seem especially alarmed, so I imagine the white cells can't be too far off the norm. I was too tired at the time to inquire! However, a woman I knew from a church group some years ago was immediately hospitalized over her low white cell count, so I am obviously not near a danger area.

I don't want to be going on and on about my ailments! However, any insights people have into Lyme disease would be welcome.

Otherwise, I appear to be in good health, and compared to other possible problems, Lyme disease is just a blip on the radar. I've also gotten fairly adept at managing the weariness, which I imagine is a good skill to have. All the same, I look forward to the small bursts of energy and alertness I have during the day expanding back to fill most of a day.

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