Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We held our first yard sale ever on Saturday and netted about $100. The sale gave us a deadline for us cleaning out our basement and the opportunity to meet and chat with people.

My story about a home in Columbia appeared in the Dream House section of the Baltimore Sun on Friday. I have two stories appearing in publications on Saturday: a story about the Holiday Hills neighborhood in the Washington Post real estate section, and a story on the Seton Hill neighborhood in Baltimore. The Seton Hill story will appear in a new publication called Rise Up that is being bundled with the Washington Post and other newspapers, much as Parade magazine is. I was able to see a preview of the first issue, and it looked very good.

I'm currently working on another neighborhood story for the Post and also a story on summertime family activities for Maryland Living Magazine.

And attending to the move, so life is busy. I feel pulled in two directions: I'm trying to get as much freelance work as I can done before I leave, while I still have outlets I can sell into, and yet at the same time, the move is keeping me ever busier. Any hints on juggling?

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