Monday, June 2, 2008

On Exposure

Hello everybody. I had trouble accessing this blog earlier, so here it is, 3:30.

I had hesitated to write about feeling tired the other day, but leaped out of that plane. I always question how much information is too much information in this blog! How exposed do I want to be? But this time it helped to make myself vulnerable: I found out that I should wait four hours after my sinthroid before taking vitamins! Thanks for the information!!!

The place with shrimp quesadillas (and they were very good) is on Frederick Road, on the same side of the street as Jennings Cafe, but down a bit if you are heading west. It's call Shipping or Ship's something-or-other. Anyway, it's a seafood place. I liked it. The server was very nice too.

But to get back on task. How much exposure is too much on a blog?

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Bill Samuel said...

As far as exposure of yourself, it's whatever you are led to find appropriate. There isn't a magic right answer out there. And in fact, you are not at an extreme position on this now. There are loads of folks writing intimate, intensely personal stuff on their life on blogs and social networking sites.

The more sensitive issue is your exposure of others around you, which is quite related since you don't live life in a vacuum. Are they comfortable with what you are sharing relative to them? I don't know how much you've talked with those others, such as your children (who are old enough so their preferences about limits on this should be respected, IMHO), about this, but it's something to be sensitive about.