Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Miscellany

We had perfect weather and a good time tubing the Brandywine as part of the Quaker First Day school camping trip this past weekend. Tubing down the slow-moving Brandywine is a peaceful activity. Dragonflies would rest on us as we floated.

This will be a last vacation, I believe, before we move. It's hard to relax when a great crush of work and transition looms overhead. We almost certainly won't get to Chincoteague this year, which will seem odd.

Today at Quaker meeting, we heard the prayer of St. Francis and I had a sense of how the light has extended 2,000 years, through people like Francis, George Fox and John Woolman, to embrace us in the present day.

Bethanne brought a vegan lunch to meeting. She and Jean, who both also had/have Lyme disease, suggested I find a "Lyme literate" doctor. She and Jean also suggested I take a probiotic to counter the antibiotic, mostly to avoid yeast infections, so I stopped at David's Natural Food Market and bought some. Sophie can use it too, as she is on an antibiotic.

We met with a knowledgeable person last night who suggested we treat our house as an "executive rental" because it is too well-kept for a run-of-the-mill rental. As often is the case in the real estate industry, I think a word like "executive" becomes exaggerated, but our advisor's worries that our house would get "torn up" by "average" renters made me worried and restless last night. I am hoping and praying that we can find the best and not the worst of humanity to live in our house and am sad that there seems to be a destructive strata of people to be defended against.

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