Saturday, September 6, 2008

Can you suggest a good book?

I've found that the world divides between those who love works of fiction and those who gravitate towards works of fact. I'm in the group that especially enjoys a good novel, either literary or mystery.

Currently, however, I don't have any work of fiction to read, though I have a pile of nonfiction. I've been drawn to contemporary fiction recently (anything written in the last 20-30 years) yet am surrounded by bookshelves filled with classics. I love those books: Portrait of Lady, Tom Jones, Middlemarch, etc., but I don't feel a desire to reread them right now.

I'm looking for suggestions. What works of contemporary fiction would you recommend?


Anonymous said...

I am reading _Home_ by Marilynne Robinson. Her earlier work _Gilead_ introduced the characters in this book, but _Home_ is more of a companion to _Gilead_, not a sequel. I love Marilynne Robinson, I don't think there are many writers living today who are as skillful and eloquent as she.


Regina said...

Well, I am currently reading a lot of poetry books... and Jane Eyre. That's a classic, though. I am also reading Joshua in the Holy Land bu Jos. Girzione... I love the Joshua books- a bit simplistic but they always give me a spiritual lift!