Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Sabbath

On Saturday, the last day of the week and the traditional day for Sabbath, horses and buggies clipclopped by all day long, indicating that the Amish were marketing in town. It wasn't their Sabbath.

But for me, it was a Sabbath. I was limp with exhaustion, not physical exhaustion but a sense of having, after five intense weeks of packing, moving, unpacking, settling, dealing with one mini-crisis after another and then Nick's broken ankle, having been entirely wrung out. I couldn't not rest. Clutter was around me: the tray that held Nick's dinner needing to be put away, apple juice on the counter needing to be put in the refrigerator, Tylenol on the kitchen table, a bathroom that cried out for a cleaning ... and I could do none of it. Until later, when I did.

Do you have these moments?


AbiSomeone said...

Moments? Hehehe...I live there! ;^)

Hope you get some rest soon....

Regina said...

Oh my... all the time.
But I am not suprised that you would be feeling this way! They say moving is right up there in the stress scale, and then having your child in pain and the rental house problems- it's a lot!
Things will start to work themselves out in due time... I will hold you in the Light as you seek the comfort of routine once again...