Saturday, September 6, 2008

Problems in Paradise

Nick was running down a hill this morning, coming home after a camp-out, when he fell and broke his ankle in two places. He's in a splint right now and wrapped to above his knee in bandages to keep the leg from moving. He's in some pain. He's goes to an orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday. He won't get a cast put on until his swelling subsides. He's learning to deal with crutches, and I'm learning to deal with helping to care for a person with broken bones. Right now, he's in his room with his leg propped up.

He is the first person in our family to break a bone, at least a bone that needs to be set (I broke a toe many years ago). Of course, this happened days after our primo, high-quality insurance ran out and our new, more modest insurance began. And of course, this happened as soon as we moved from a major metropolitan area to an isolated rural area. So this will cost us more and mean more travel than if it had happened in Columbia, but that's OK as long as Nick gets good care.

On the bright side, the staff nurse and our school business manager, who used to be a nurse, have lots of good advice and are able to give us information on local doctors, as are other people from the school.

We're also dealing with trying to solve a flea infestation problem for our renter. We had the house bombed with lethal chemicals, but the flea eggs won't all die right away. Our tenant wants the problem to be solved (as I can understand) more quickly than nature allows, and we wish we could make the fleas all disappear instantly, but we were blindsided by this problem, which we had no idea existed, and are doing our best. I can thoroughly understand how she's not thrilled, but also understand that things happen. So if you would please pray for us or hold in the light ...

And if you have any advice, either on broken ankles or fleas, I am all ears. Thanks.


Regina said...

I am definitely holding you and Nick in the Light! It was too good to last, huh? ;)
I am so sorry about the flea problem as well- and you didn't even know it was a problem? Did she somehow bring the problem in with her?
Oh my...
Are you able to put ice on Nick's ankle- that will help with the swelling... I don't know what to do about fleas, though. ;)
I hope all gets sorted out quickly and smoothly for everyone, Diane.
Take care of yourself as well-

Ted M. Gossard said...

Am praying for you folks. Not a fun time in the bump in the road.

Thanks for your most kind, encouraging comment over on my blog today. I take such encouragement seriously.

Hope you and yours will enjoy your time in your new home, and that it will be a prosperous and fruitful time for you. Will pray for Nick, you folks and the flea infestation problem.

AbiSomeone said...


If you have access to a health store where you can get homeopathic remedies, e-mail me and I will send you the protocol for broken bones. It is awesome!

Arnica Montana and Symphytum are the ticket, but I'll give you the step by step deal. The Arnica can do quite a bit before you even get to the doctor Tuesday...

Dr. Mom out....