Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm still having trouble blogging on a regular schedule. Establishing a routine has been a process, and one I'm still working on. Today I'm in the Barnesville public libary, which is air-conditioned and delightfully quiet. Since the students have come back, it's been crowded and high-energy in the Olney library. That's wonderful for the school, but not necessarily for moi!

I was able to do some walking over the weekend. I visited the school's apple and peach orchard (or one of them), which was a treat. It was like a Miss America pageant of beautiful fruit. I also explored some of the woodsy areas near my house, where I saw deer, monarch butterflies and lots of wildflowers.

I met a history professor from Ohio University, which has a campus nearby in St. Clairsville. He found out I was a writing teacher in a former life and immediately began to recruit me to teach as an adjunct at OU. The pay is higher than at the community college and the university seems to have winter classes available, so I may teach there come January. It made me feel better about my decision to turn down the community college job. We shall see.

Otherwise, I'm scarcely seeing Sophie as she's absorbed into dorm life, though she still comes to me when she needs something. I like that. Her roomate seems to be just like her--they're even taking an identical schedule--so I hope and pray that works out. The boys are adjusting to school. Will is quite happy about field hockey and art class, which is focusing on working with clay. Both the boys are taking Spanish class and reading O. Henry in their humanities class.

I'm auditing a gardening class and slowly working on an article for Rise Up magazine. I do need to find more freelance work, but the trivia of life has been overwhelming me lately. Any time management hints would be appreciated! How do you keep all the trivia from eating your time up? Tonight I may be going with the dance class that Sophie is co-teaching to see an exhibit of dance photography in Wheeling.

So -- I know I'm late on this -- what does everyone think Palin?


Regina said...

My, Diane, it sounds like wonderful opportunities just keep coming for you! I think it's great that you are finding so much richness in your new surroundings, both professionally and personally. The walk over the weekend sounds wonderful!
Oh, and BTW- I have started a new blog... believe it or not. I can't seem to not write, I guess that's what it is. This one is more focused on my love for poetry and I hope to actually post some of my own as well! Please visit if you have a chance, Diane. :)
What do I think of Mrs. Palin? I think it's great there is a woman on someone's ticket... but lest we forget, there is an all women ticket for the Green Party. ;)

Bill Samuel said...

I'm amazed at the contacts you've made in such a short time in Barnesville. That may be another indication that this is where you're supposed to be at this time.

Palin is certainly an interesting choice. To me, what is most attractive about her is her walking the talk on her pro-life views.

I don't agree with her on much else. She is a militarist and generally unsympathetic to programs that help people.

I think much of the criticism of her is sexist. The Republicans are trying to use that to court Hillary voters. I think they'll get a few, but not many.

Biden is attractive in his own way, but he is old school and responds to Palin in a courtly, male chauvinist fashion. If he continues in that manner, it may result in something of a feminist revolt against the Democratic ticket. And Regina, that might benefit the Greens as much as the Republicans.

Diane said...

Thanks for the responses from friends old and new. I need this right now. Interesting comments on Palin. She definitely is walking the pro-life walk but is not terribly sympathetic on some other fronts. I didn't know the Green party had an all female ticket!


Lovely that you are restarting a blog!!! I will come see it. Is at the same address?

Regina said...

Diane- go to or just click on my name and go to Eating Poetry on my blogger profile! I am happy to be back! Hope to see you soon!