Saturday, September 20, 2008

Edmondson Village

I found the two Jaques Kelly columns I link to below in the Baltimore Sun. I love Jaques Kelly, and in these two columns, he's writing about a place beloved to my heart, Edmondson Village! I was born and spent the early part of my life in this neighborhood on the western edge of Baltimore City. I adored it. I have such vivid memories of life there, although I was so young. (I wish I had the same clarity of memory today.)

I love to hear people's stories, which is probably why I ended up in a graduate program in English literature and not in something more lucrative, like corporate law (big sigh). Other people jive on following a day by day account of the assault on Iwo Jima or a book on how to make their computer do amazing things, but for me, I love to hear about people. Anyway, if you are interested in a window into my early history (or have your own memories of Edmondson Village), these links paint a picure, and bring back lots of memories:,0,1757154.column.,0,5039697.column.

Of course, I'm all ears to hear other people's memories.


Regina said...

Hi Diane- I hate to do this to you- again...but I'm leaving blogger. I am unsettled right now- really unsettled- and try as I might, blogging doesn't fit. However, I will keep up with your blog, if that's okay. Just wanted to let you know so there won't be any surprises this time! Sorry...

Diane said...

Hi Regina,

My first response to you never appeared, so I'm trying again. I will miss you (!), but I understand. Please stay in touch. I love hearing from you. I will hold your unsettledness in the light. Know I have loved the poetry you've shared on your blog, both yours and others.