Monday, April 21, 2008

Christ-centered workshop will happen

This from Georgia Fuller:

I shared last evening my concern that the workshop I had proposed on and for Christian Friends at Annual Session was rejected and I didn't know how to respond, especially since there had been workshops by and for non-theist Friends in previous Annual Sessions. Well, because of your suggestion, I contacted the co-clerk of workshops for Program Committee with the questions you wanted asked and was quite immediately told that the re-written proposal had been accepted and the letter should be in the mail any time now. My first proposal was a little too provocative for the committee. This is how the workshop reads now:

Christian Quakers: A redundancy, an oxymoron, or an exotic anachronism?"

This is an experiential, participatory workshop. We will alternate between small group and large group sharing. Our first question will be, "What have been our experiences—good or bad—as a Quaker among Christians?" The second
question is, "What have been our experiences—good or bad—as a Christian among Quakers?" From this sharing, we will consider our unique gifts as well as our individual needs.

I'm glad BYM is allowing this workshop.

It sounds like an interesting workshop!

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