Saturday, April 5, 2008

More on the Golden Compass books

Mary Linda writes of the books:

Many people seem to confuse The Authority with God. The Authority is The Church. God is Spirit, Life, Love, Truth. I understand the confusion. The Church speaks with authority saying it speaks for God, saying it knows the will of God. But it doesn't. The Church speaks for it's own power. God speaks quietly to the hearts of us all, letting us listen and hear in our own time, when we are ready. God is best represented in these books as the daemons which each character has, the spirit of each person. The Authority is no more God than mulefa can fly.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Great Blog!!!!
I was reading in your intro you said, “I am a Quaker as well as a member of Cedar Ridge
Community Church“.
I am also a Quaker my small Meeting meets in a large UCC Church.
Our worship the UCC and the Quakers is at the same time in different places in the building.
(you can guess who has the sanctuary)
The Children UCC and Quaker worship in their respect traditions for twenty minutes
then come together for a joint RE program.
Being a small Meeting this has work out great. A true blessing..
My Quaker Meeting also participate with the UCC Church on a host other activities
particularly with a concern for peace and justice.
But nobody in the Meeting has dual membership with the UCC Church.
Just Christian fellowship.
Is this very close to what your Meeting has with Cedar Ridge Community Church?
Paul R

Diane said...

Hi Paul,

No, my Quaker meeting and Cedar Ridge are entirely separate, I'm sorry to say.