Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sticks and Bones

Kay Weeks of Ellicott City has published a children's book, illustrated by Margaret Scott, called "Sticks and Stones, Skin and Bones" which uses the analogy of the human body to help children understand the structure of a house. The illustrations are charming. The text is easy to understand. Though the book is self-published, it is professional quality.

I have never met Kay Weeks, but I do like to support small local enterprise. I try to eat at locally-owned restaurants rather than chains, and when I can, buy handmade gifts at crafts shows. Mostly, I do purchase from large corporations, so this is an edge movement, but why not support it when possible?

Alas, probably because of losing the advantage of a large print run, the book's price is $12.00. However, the book is a labor of love, and would make an educational and entertaining gift for a child from 2 or 8. If you would be interested, you can contact Kay at 443-414-7774 or
I don't profit or benefit in any way from this endorsement.

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