Friday, April 11, 2008

Upcoming articles

I have a "Dream House" story coming out in the Baltimore Sun, probably in May, and a longer feature on the Seton Hill neighborhood of Baltimore appearing in Rise Up magazine. Rise Up, a new publication that will drop on May 24, is a Parade-type magazine focusing on diversity. It will be bundled with national newspapers, such as the Washington Post, much as Parade is. My article is supposed to appear in the fifth issue, which will mean around the end of June.

My story on Seton Hill focuses on the neighborhood as a historically integrated community within a largely segregated city. I loved meeting people in the neighborhood and getting to know the enclave better. Everyone I spoke to in the community was warm and helpful. I also loved having the chance to do a longer piece.

I have an article on Nancy Drew appearing in the May issue of Whispered Watchword.

I am currently working on a Washington Post story and have agreed to do a Maryland Family story for the summer issue of the magazine. Keeping busy on these projects makes me happy, and I am thankful to have the work.

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