Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Baseball game

The boys had their first baseball game of the season Saturday evening. This is a fifth season of baseball for our family, and a long way for all the team members from the 8 year olds who could barely field a ball.

St. Tim's stays pretty much the same, an old stone church and bell tower with a school attached. The parking lot always needs to be repaved. They've put in a big square of concrete for skateboarders. It's always weedy around the edges of the fields. A log has fallen across the grassy drainage ditch, great fun for kids to walk across.

The old bleachers are in place, as is the old concessions stand. The playground is closed and gated, getting overgrown with weeds. I liked the old-fashioned equipment there, the metal jungle gym, the metal sliding boards, the flat swings with their metal chains, the seesaws. I imagine it all got to be too dangerous.

Linda, Bill and Emma joined us to watch the game and go out for pizza afterwards.

The boys both did well, but their team lost. Last year, they also lost the first game of the season and then won the rest of the games, including the championship.

St. Tim's has been a part of our lives since Will began playing on the little field near the playground the spring of third grade. At that time, the coaches pitched and the kids couldn't field at all, so a hit at least meant a base and often a run. At the end of his first season, Will made the run that won his team the championship. That was an exciting moment.

From the start, Will adored playing league baseball. It was like a dream come true. He loved the uniforms, the team, the field, the idea of being part of an organization and the game itself. I think it was--and still is--magical for him. I don't think he could be any happier were he in the majors.

In fifth grade, Nick joined the league. Baseball has never been a passion for him as it has for Will, but I think he enjoys it and he has steadily improved. This year he's doing well.

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