Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quaker Writing Group

Last year, I felt led to start a "writing as worship" group and strongly drawn to holding it at Vantage House, a local retirement community.

As with most leadings, I questioned whether it was real, but fortunately it was easy to implement (unlike those vague leadings about giving up all one's money to live amongst the poor) so I went ahead.

At the group, after 20 minutes of silent worship, we all write (or draw or create) anything we want. Memoirs have emerged as a theme, as has writing about a current issue in one's life. People write about anything and everything.

Last night, I returned from the monthly meeting feeling lifted. Vantage House is home to three Quakers who attend the group: Ruth, David and Lynada. Rosemary, a member of my meeting who is on the board at Vantage House, also has started attending.

Why does this group feel like a leading fulfilled? 1. It fills a need for three who live in Vantage House, two of whom I didn't know. 2. I feel grateful after our meetings, as if I am getting far more than I give. 3. I began it with the focus on writing: instead, it has become as much about relationship as writing. I am beginning to believe that all true leadings lead to unexpected relationship.

Last night, Deb also attended after a hiatus, and so did my friend Alice, who is not a Quaker.

For me, it's a remarkable experience getting to know the other members of the group better. Having Ruth join us for the silence reminds me of how powerful and needed this form of worship is.

Have you had a time when you followed a leading? What happened?

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