Friday, September 19, 2008

Feeling Blue

I crashed into feeling sad yesterday. Partially, it was a series of small things. I took Will to the doctor for a checkup and while there, in a lovely old bank converted to a medical facility, I saw two terribly obese young woman. For some reason, this overwhelmed me with a sense of how broken this world is, because I know young women aren't supposed to go around so dangerously overweight. They're essentially missing their lives, I thought.

Then the new doctor, whom I like very much, told me about the abused children he sees at a hospital, most of them damaged by their parents. I don't believe any parent starts out wanting to hurt their child, but it happens and of course it's sad.

And then, on the larger scale, there were the news reports of the financial system collapsing, and I couldn't help but wonder how that will affect already overburdened ordinary people.

I know if we're going to experience our positive emotions, we're going to experience our negative emotions. And I know feeling sad --sentiment--will do nothing to solve problems. So I keep on trying. And praying. And trying to do my part, knowing the world isn't going to change overnight and that broken lives can create compassion and do good things.


Regina said...

Things have felt overwhelming lately- I really feel for the people of Galveston and Houston right now- I mean, any one of these past hurricanes could have hit us in FL... we have been lucky (I don't like that word, but...) so far...
But as you say, we are going to feel the negative as well as the positive... it's just the way things are. We can only do the best we can...

Diane said...

Thanks Regina.

And the hurricane is another thing that saddens us ... !

Take care!