Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nick's ankle

Monday, Nick and I made the two-hour trek to Akron to see the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Fleisscher, who was very good. He made an appointment at the Akron Children's hospital for Nick to have surgery on Tuesday. It was 4 p.m. by this time, so I decided we should spend the night in Akron rather than drive two hours home and then have to drive two hours back up the next morning. We settled in a hotel and Roger drove up the next morning. The surgery went well, we were out of the hospital by 3, and now we're home again in Barnesville.

Thanks to everyone for the book and other suggestions. I'm trying to track down local supplies of arnica montana.


Anonymous said...

I hope Nick recovers quickly. When my son broke his arm, I think that Arnica helped him very much with the swelling and soreness. I also gave him another homeopathic remedy called (appropriately enough!) Bonebreak. Holding all of you, esp. Nick, in the Light.

Lisa S

Diane said...

Thanks Lisa.

Nick is doing much better today. He's back in school, managing on crutches.

Hope you're well.

AbiSomeone said...


This is one source you can call and order the materials:

They have 200C Arnica...and I'm sure you can get everything you need there.

Glad he's doing better.

Regina said...

Oh, so good to hear all went well. I've had a busy time of it lately so I was not able to check in earlier...
Kids are pretty resilient, thank God!