Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bits of Barnesville

We returned Sunday from our weekend in Barnesville. For now, I will take a page from Regina and write a list of some things I saw in Barnesville:

The fresh coat of white paint with forest green trim on the Towe house, where we'll be living.
Two layers of old wallpaper peeled off the kitchen wall there.
A bedroom painted pale green.
A big raspberry patch with ripe raspberries.
Wild berries growing by the driveway leading to the house.
Lake Malaga at sunset. It looked like a Maxfield Parrish painting in the dusk, with the trees reflected in the water.

Other things:

Meeting the couple who planted the raspberry patch when they lived in Towe house years ago.
The sense of peace in the Stillwater Meeting.
Sharing breakfast and lunch with teachers from the Quaker music camp.

When were driving out to Lake Malaga, where Bev, an administrator at Olney has her house, we passed an Amish man driving a buggy, wearing a shirt that seemed brilliantly blue in the light. Will, instinctively social, waved to him vigorously. The man frowned and shook his head as he passed.

1 comment:

Regina said...

Hee hee- oh, those Amish- they're a laugh a minute...;)
I'll be interested in your posts about the book, having grown up around the Amish myself.
Oh, and I love the idea of having wild berry patches to pick from!
I am excited for you!