Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Times

These have been a busy times, making it hard to keep up with blogging. This past weekend a family from Toronto toured our house twice as a possible rental. I hope they will rent from us. The wife in the family made my heart do a little leap when she talked of all the books she had to pack. A kindred spirit! Maybe our house, homey and down-to-earth, will appeal to her. Or maybe she'll pick the other house she's considering.

Tomorrow, we have another viewing. Needless to say, I hope someone rents the house and that the house will be a gift to them as well as the renters a gift to us. I'm trying to "be not anxious ..." and to some extent that is working as sometimes a peace that says "this is not so important, let it go" descends on me ...

The boys left for two weeks at camp Shiloh on Sunday. Johanna drove them down, along with Elvin, her son, and Ashwin. That was most welcome. I appreciate Johanna doing this very much, though I missed the annual ritual of settling the boys in their cabins. For the first time in years, Sophie is not going to Shiloh. The house is quiet.

Bethann can take the piles of random crayons in our crafts drawers and recycle them, perhaps into candles? Or she knows some place that will take them? I will drop off two pretty winter dresses that Sophie once wore with Stephanie today so her girls can use them. I look forward to seeing Stephanie's chickens and bees. Who knew you could keep chickens in suburban Catonsville? I find the idea enchanting, although I know chickens can be messy.

I think I am going to miss the growing enthusiasm for green living around here: for gardening, keeping chickens (humanely of course!!), recycling, walking and biking, using alternative energy. What I love is the attitude of enthusiasm: energy conservative and greener living isn't a duty, it's seen as fun, as a pleasure, as a better way of living. It's as if the energy crisis is an excuse for doing what we wanted to do anyway. However, I may find the same attitude in spades in Barnesville!


Regina said...

Hi Diane- I do hope you have good luck with renting your house out as well- and sooner rather than later. I hope you are blessed with good tenants. We rented our first little home for a while and only at the end did we have problems. But that's another story!
May I ask why you are renting? If I am being too snoopy just let me know!

Diane said...

Hi Regina!

No, you're not being too snoopy! It's a bad time to sell a house and we're getting an on-campus house at Olney Friends School, so we thought we'd keep our house here and rent it.

BTW ... hope you've gotten hot water again!

Regina said...

Ack- not yet, Diane! The heat that builds up in the garage seems to be keeping the water at luke instead of cold but even so... brrrr....
Oh, and yes, I agree- it's not such a good time to sell. I am hoping when we move to Georgia (sometime next year) that things will have improved!