Monday, July 21, 2008

Farewell party and Seton Hill Quakers

Pav hosted a farewell party for us yesterday in her beautiful backyard. A pool surrounded by a border of flowers is the centerpiece and children, young and old (!), enjoyed swimming.

I was delighted with the chance to talk with so many people who have been part of my life for many years, and to talk with some, like Lynada and David Johnson, who are recent friends I am so glad to have met.

Afterwards, Ken and I drove to the Christ-centered Seton Hill Meeting. We opened the church, because Kevin-Douglas and C.W. are in Cambridge, England. They traded houses temporarily with Marrisa Johnson and her family, who are in Baltimore so her son Rob can have surgery.

It was wonderful to meet Marrisa, a gentle and grounded Quaker, who seemed perfectly calm and at ease although she had just arrived from England late last night after a harrowing day of delayed flights and missed connections, etc. Our worship group was small, as we missed the Liversidges, Kevin and CW, Georgia, Sharon and Rachel and other friends. We were joined by two Quakers from Bethsesda, Susan Kaul and Pierce, who are visiting BYM meetings.

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