Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Towe house photos

Some more photos of the house we will be living in and its environs. We won't be in suburbia anymore! The captions refer to the picture above.

View of south side of house. The two picture windows look out from the living room.

The meadow to the south as seen from the living room.

They took down the wallpaper in the kitchen!

Me in front of the very long driveway to the house. You can see the house as a white speck in the background.

The barn next to the house.


Regina said...

Wow- I love it!
Looks a lot like where I grew up in PA!
I really miss those rolling hills- no hills here in FL... sigh.
I love the red barn- and is that a corner cupboard in the kitchen?

Diane said...

Hi Regina! Yes, that's a corner cupboard. For me, this is all a big change! Thanks for the kind words.