Thursday, July 24, 2008

Relationships and Art

Two quotes from the Andrew Stanton interview on Wall.E in Christianity Today:

You could blame consumerism as one thing that's happening in this film, but there's a million other things we do that distract us from connecting to the person next to us and from furthering relationships, which is truly the point of living. So I came up with the idea that as WALL•E was picking up trash, it would have all these signs of humanity for him to rifle through, to get him interested in what humans were all about. I loved the idea of WALL•E finding something real. He was fascinated with the idea of living. And what's the point of living? Something real. He was a manmade object with something real inside him. And he found something real while surrounded by manmade objects. That just was poetic for me.

He goes on to say that a great story or movie makes you care:

And typically that's because you've tapped into some truth. Truth isn't always pretty, truth isn't always fair, and truth isn't always inviting. But when you tap into it the right way you can't ignore it, and it touches you to your core. That's what I'm a junkie for when I see a great movie or hear a great story told, and that's what I'm really trying to go for when I'm doing any kind of story.

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I'm interested in what books, works of art or relationships have touched people to the core. What distracts you from relationships? How do books, poems, works of art, etc. help your relationships?


Regina said...

I think poetry, for me, releases something inside of me that causes me to love greatly. It must be the beautiful words or the combination of them together, the ideas they express, something I may not be able to as gently or peacefully when I speak. Whenever I feel like I want to express myself to my husband or there is something I have to say that is very meaningful, I write him a poem- of course, he will always come back to say, "it doesn't rhyme"- hee hee- but he loves it all the same. It touches him, too!
I am not a visual person as much as I am a "word" person, but movies- well-written ones, can also make me reflect on the relationships I have around me.
As we don't have cable or satellite (we watch no TV at all), DVD's can be a nightly affair and we have gotten very choosy about which movies we want to fill our time up with and what both of us would want to watch together! That defintiely draws us closer!

Diane said...

Hi Regina!

We don't have television either!

I can see from your blog that poetry is very meaningful to you.