Monday, July 28, 2008

Our house

Today, the family from Toronto signed a lease to rent our house in Columbia for a year. We are very happy. Now the words "our house" have enlarged to encompass the new family. Our house is a homey house, not a fancy house, so I'm glad we found a family to appreciate it.


Regina said...

Oh, congatulations, Diane! This must be such a relief!
p.s. what a pretty house! I so much miss the northeast!

Bill Samuel said...

Congratulations! Now you can focus on packing without worrying what the house will look like to prospective renters.

Diane said...

Thanks for the well wishes. It is a relief.

Regina, you live in Florida?

Regina said...

I sure do! Raised in PA, living in FL for almost 20 years now! I am so longing for any little semblance of a Fall and Winter, but I soon may have my wish if (and when) we move up to N. GA next year!