Monday, July 7, 2008

Friends old and new

I have met kindred spirit Regina on the web. She has a blog at Regina, a Quaker, loves Jane Austen and Emily Dickinson. “Same,” as my younger co-workers used to say, meaning “I love Jane and Emily too.”

Regina has some blog entries that are very short like an Emily Dickinson poem. I like this one:

Beautifully simple things seen on my early morning walk:
a colorful sidewalk chalk drawing
a lime green door
a male cardinal sitting in a lovely live oak tree
my neighbor washing her mother's car
not a cloud in the sky

Bill Samuel, a friend of more than 8 years and a Friends in Christ cohort, responds often and thoughtfully to these blogs. He has a blog at called Bill Samuel’s reflections, which I like very much. He also provides information about all things Quaker on the net at He has other Internet presences you can link to through the above thought. Bill is often quoted or referenced in the blogosphere.

Martin Kelly of Quakerranter and another cyberspace presence like Bill, has been generous about publicizing this blog to Quakerdom.

Cath has responded to the blog, but I don’t know anything about her. Cath, if by some chance you see this, maybe you could tell us if you have a blog?

Kevin Roberts is a Quaker and part of Stillwater Friends Meeting. I saw him this past Sunday, when we were in Barnesville. Kevin moderates the ConservativeFriends list at

Marshall Massey, who responded to a blog about goodness and perfection, can be found at

I can’t get to c wess daniels at but maybe others can. C wess, I would like to meet if, as you said, you are traveling through Barnesville at times en route to Columbus.

Lisa, who sometimes responds as anonymous (as do others) because that's the only way to get a posting up, is in my current Quaker meeting in Ellicott City and in a Bible study I attend. She’s one of those people who disguises as an ordinary person.

Anyone I have missed, please let me know.

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Regina said...

Oh, thank you dear friend! It's amazing how "kindred spirits" can find each other!
I look forward to remaining so...!