Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's official: Will is taller than me and I'm the shortest in the family. First Sophie, 17, grew taller--she's now 5'-8"-- then Nick, 13, shot up. He's about 5'10." Last night, I caught a glimpse of Will, 13, next to me in the mirror. He was taller! I couldn't believe it. When did he shoot up?

Today, we head for two nights at Chincoteague. Usually we rent a house and go for two weeks, or at least, Roger and the kids do, and I drive back and forth from work. Ironically, this year I'm not working for the first time in seven years, except for freelancing, and I could use the long vacation more than ever. But two days of R&R will be wonderful too. I will try to post from there.

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Regina said...

Oh, it sounds wonderful! Have a great time!